Yellow Flag


The Scientific name for Yellow Flag is Iris pseudacorus

Yellow Flag is a general plant with beautiful flowers which can be planted in you home garden and make it look more beautiful.

We have different types of flowers and trees which Iris pseudacorus is among those plant spices.

Yellow Flag photo

With all this information in your head, you can start to slowly to create the garden. Bit by bit you prepare the soil. Digging and adding loads of compost form Turtle Bay. This amount of manual labor saves you trips to the gym and gives you loads of time contemplating what to plant. The compost of chickens or sheeps/goats was very rich and had loads of seeds in them. Most you had to weed out by hand, but some became the most beautiful free plants. Some plants needed extra food and got a place enriched with mature manure. In other parts of the garden, you deliberately didn’t enhance the soil to give natives the conditions they needed.
To water Yellow Flag, you can lay an automatic mini spray and drip water system in the garden. This saves a lot of water and makes it possible to give all plants exactly the amount of water they need.
After planting Yellow Flag you can  added “sterile” compost from the city of Redding on top of the borders. This last layer prevents weeds coming up and the soil from drying out.

The most exciting task is to choose the plants. To think what would do best, which architectural plants have interesting leaf texture, how to combine colors in the different borders, which plants could be combined water wise etc.
Most plants flourished well. Some plants turns out not to be as frost-hardy as said by the nurseries. It always saddens me if you lose a plant, but to see it from the optimistic side, it gives you the opportunity to plant a new species.

enjoy gardening and i am pleased with the “English” garden i created for you. A colorful garden fully packed with plants, but adapted to local conditions.



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